basic tips for remaining super-anonymous, for the super-paranoid

tumblr’s a safeish place, but sometimes you just don’t want people to know you’re looking at them, ever—or you don’t want people to know where you live. here’s a list of tips for keeping your browsing super secret.

your number one enemy is StatCounter, which lets people individually track your IP. they can also label IP addresses with names, and nosily know who you are whenever you visit. nobody will know who you are from just an IP, but they will know that someone who lives in XYZ city is looking at their blog. however, a little bit of deductive reasoning can sometimes tell you who someone is. here’s some tips on how to avoid that.

  1. don’t visit URLs from your blog page—that is, ! StatCounter keeps track of what page you came from, so if you click directly on a link and that person has StatCounter, they’ll know that you visited from that IP, and that you are that blog. instead, right-click and copy the link and go to the page manually—or click on links from your dashboard.
  2. don’t visit URLs from your inbox! just received an ask—or sent a response? it’s easy to figure out who’s visiting your page if you just sent them an ask and you see their referral URL is
  3. don’t list where you live. if someone knows where you live (especially if it’s not a major city) and they see that an IP from that locale has visited their page, it’s not a hard guess.
  4. don’t like posts anywhere but from the dashboard. if you go to a post’s link directly and like it, your IP will show up as having visited that page, and it can sometimes be really obvious that it was -you- who liked it.
  5. finally, if you’re real paranoid, get TOR, which is a browser kit that routes your connection through a series of other IPs, making it impossible to know who you are. even if you visit from an identifying URL, your IP will change constantly, so you don’t have to worry about it if you don’t care about someone knowing that you only visited their blog. this and visiting URLs directly will keep you totally anonymous on Tumblr—if you really need it.

that’s it! with these tips and by not doing anything dumb, you too can remain super anonymous on tumblr. safe surfing.


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