My suggestion for young writers: find your voice and shout it. Know who you are, know what you love, know what you hate and why. Take a piece of paper and press it to the top of your brain and share that map of your universe with anyone who will bother to look at it. If that doesn’t appeal to you, the problem solves itself, because there are those among us who are compelled to do it, and they are the ones that should be doing it.

Yes, I believe in my heart of hearts that, to quote Stuart Cornfeld, a producer working for Ben Stiller’s Red Hour, “talent will out.” Talent will out. If you should be doing what you are doing, either by grace of God or the industry’s greed, you are going to be discovered. The difficulty is that you can’t control when … But yes, short or tall, black or white, male or female, weird or handsome, if you are talented, your talent will out. It will rise to the top. And one of the least likable aspects of my personality, by all reports, is that I associate talent with “goodness.” So by my perverse definitions, yes, good writing and good people rise to the top and get to make a difference. It’s just very important that MORE OF US TRY. I’m looking at you, sixth grade black girl in a public school that likes to write but isn’t being told writing is an option by anyone. Maybe it’s not an option but if it’s your COMPULSION, I believe you owe it to your God, your government and yourself to indulge it come hell or high water.

Dan Harmon’s advice to young writers (reddit ama)


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