I could teach you magic
built in limbs and tongues
and our ancient DNA—
could show you words
letters and ideas that break
you in two (three, four, more),
display the cone of your sight
the freeze of mind
delusion of self, time:
you exist in lines
echo chambers,
self prophesied-signs.

a shaman turned into a hawk, believed it
to his pale-skinned visitors.
I learned it placing blocks,
videogames and skype talks,
dejection is projection
projection is protection
from change.
hope I’m more lion than fox
hope I know better than vixens
got poison in my mind
thinking in tales/tails.
loose logic pieces twist
they drift
like slide guitar
and hip-hop sax.

I’m lonely, lonely
scaling wrong towers
and shouting from idiot mountaintops
I could show you magic
you wouldn’t like to see
I could unravel you
like I unraveled me.


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